Tuesday, 5 February 2013

My new bag....

Modalu Tyler

 I just bought the Modalu Tyler large handbag in Navy (it comes in Grey and Navy in large and in grey and nude in small - though I do whish they would make the large one in nude too!) - and it is absolutely fabulous! Great quality - it just looks so good! And was just what i needed, as I have gone back to adding quite a few navy pieces to my closet this past season! Actually Modalu in general is one of my favorite hanbag brands; While they have a relatively small choice, they always have some great classics - and the quality compared to the price in good - almost all products are leather (I am SO over PU bags!) - And on top of that they have the greatest and friendliest Customer Service!!!
 - I actually own the Pippa, the Florence and the Tyler ...oh and a few other ones. Check them out at www.modalu.com

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